DanLoad 6000
Contrary to what you may have been told, the DanLoad 6000 is NOT dead

The DanLoad 6000 is now

The SmartLoad

Danload 6000

The workhorse of the 80's and 90's is
The Electronic Preset for the New Century!

• All parts completely interchangeable between the DanLoad 6000 and the SmartLoad.
• All obsolete and outdated components fully updated.
• New bright white display! No more squinting to read the display.
• Dual, simultaneous arm loading available if desired.
• And more upgrades and changes coming soon!

The SmartLoad Electronic Preset

• Explosion proof and Weather proof unit with 6 digit preset.
• 8x40 character graphics & multiple language LCD displays.
• In-line proportional / non-proportional or sequential blending, up to 4 components
• Sidestream (i.e. Ethanol) blending
• Additive control, measurement, verification and accounting for up to Six Additives
• Up to 4 pulse meter inputs with dual pulse security to IP252 (ISO 6551) level B.
• Temperature / pressure correction as per API.
• Digital batch flow control with outputs for set-stop or modulating control valves.
• Up to 24 digital inputs and up to 28 digital outputs
• Dual (redundant) serial data ports for communication.
• CMRI/ATEX & CCE certified to Exd, IIB, T6, IP65 for use in zone 1 area.
• Optional Sentry (Proximity ID Reader), Dantouch (Touch Key) Interface for local security and Single or Dual Arm Option available

New AND used parts AND Danload 6000's available (limited number of used 6000's available)
INCLUDING the new bright white display!

For more information please call or email:
Jay Aubin - (409)632-0198 (Office)

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